What Is Mochi Hada

Move over glass skin, mirror skin, dewy skin and other trends, mochi hada is here to stay!

Mochi hada or mochi skin is a term the Japanese are using for plump, velvety smooth skin, and we’re loving it! As opposed to the trend of a wet, dewy look, Mochi hada implies bouncy, poreless, supple skin and if you’ve already been taking care of your skin, this is much easier to achieve as well as maintain.

As delicious as it sounds, the term ‘mochi hada’ or rice-cake skin is inspired by the traditional dome-shaped Japanese dessert, mochi, whose outer covering is made with a glutinous rice base and when pressed, it bounces back and regains its plump shape. Imagine baby-soft, plump skin that bounces when pinched, that’s exactly what mochi skin is!

So, what’s the key to pillowy, supple skin? Hydration, hydration, hydration. But a hydrated look is not simply a ‘look’, rather it is a skincare philosophy where you make it a habit to care for your skin and use products that lend it moisture every step of the way. 

How to get mochi skin, you ask?
Having healthy skin lends itself to mochi hada, surely, but there are a few things you can do to achieve perfectly hydrated skin.

In fact, mochi skin requires a quick and easy skincare regimen that begins with a double cleanse using Deep Cleansing Oil and then a foaming one, Face Wash Powder to thoroughly but gently clean the skin. This is followed by a toning lotion. A gentle toner will restore your skin’s moisture levels after the cleanser. This will keep fine lines at bay and will help minimise the appearance of pores while brightening the skin tone. Products containing hyaluronic acid replenish the skin and you can include these in your Japanese skincare routine. This can be followed by a lightweight moisturizer to plump up the skin and lock in all that moisture. By now your skin will feel like it’s had a tall glass of cool water! Finish off with Suncut Q10 EX Gel, a sunscreen that will ensure an even skin tone in the long run.

To further maintain a bouncy, supple texture treat yourself to a hydrating sheet mask two or three times per week. 

Who knew a #selfcare routine and mochi skin were this easy to achieve!

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