4 steps to radiant, healthy skin

4 steps to radiant, healthy skin—the J-Beauty way

Did you know great skin can be as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4?

If you like your skincare routine short and simple, you’ll love the Japanese skincare regimen. This involves keeping things as minimal as possible.

Rooted in tradition and oh-so-simple, the Japanese skincare routine lets you slow down and really care for your skin. Focusing on just 4 steps—double cleanse and double moisture—skin is left perfectly cleansed and totally hydrated.

Now just because the Japanese skincare regimen is shorter, doesn’t mean that it is any less effective. In fact, high-quality ingredients ensure your skin is cared for gently while giving it the nourishment it needs. 

Here’s a guide to the minimal skin care routine that millions of Japanese women follow and swear by:

Step 1: Oil Cleanser
Deep Cleansing Oil is the ultimate hydrating facial cleanser. It effortlessly dissolves sebum, removes all traces of makeup (including waterproof mascara and sunscreen), and leaves skin fresh and clean with zero residue. It is important to apply it with dry hands and on a dry face. Gently massage the skin and then rinse with lukewarm water.

Step 2: Foaming Cleanser
This second step in the Japanese Double Cleanse ritual uses a foam cleanser like Face Wash Powder to lather away remaining impurities like sweat and pollution without stripping your skin’s natural moisture. Wet your face with lukewarm water and add water to the powder to create a foaming lather in your palms. Massage this over the skin to deeply cleanse and then rinse away with water again. By now your skin will be thoroughly cleansed and refreshed.

Step 3: Liquid Lotions
Japanese liquid lotions or toners, known as kesho-sui, differ from regular toners found elsewhere in the world which are harsher and tend to dry out the skin. The purpose of Japanese toner is to hydrate and brighten your skin. Facial lotions are essential in moisturizing as they add back the first light layer of hydration. This helps prep the skin for the deeper layer of moisturization and benefits that follow. This lotion has a water-like consistency and needs to be applied by gently patting it onto the face letting the skin absorb it.

Step 4: Moisturizers
The final step in the Japanese 4-step skincare ritual is moisturizer. This locks in all the hydration provided by liquid lotion and adds a deeper layer of intense, nutrient-rich moisturization that’s easily absorbed while the skin is still damp. Apply it evenly to skin that has been prepped with liquid lotion. And that’s it!

Are you ready to experience the Japanese 4-step beauty regime?

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