9 Fascinating Facts About DHC

Did you know DHC did not actually start as a beauty company? Yes, seriously! Want to know more such interesting facts about this heritage Japanese beauty brand, whose products women across the world trust and love? Then read on…

  1. Early days: Interestingly, while it did not begin with its first footsteps in the beauty business, DHC (Daigaku Honyaku Center) began as an educational translation company in 1972!
  2. The very first product from DHC was the Olive Virgin Oil: DHC founder Yoshiaki Yoshida revolutionised J-Beauty forever when he set out for Europe in the 1970s. There he met an olive farmer from the Nuñez de Prado family in Baena, Spain, who had been producing the highest grade of olive oil for more than 200 years! Combining Japan’s time-tested skincare with the benefits of this antioxidant-rich golden oil, DHC beauty launched its first product, the Olive Virgin Oil all the way back in 1980. Remarkably, the relationship with the Nuñez de Prado family has been carried on right to this day!
  3. The ‘perfectly imperfect’ philosophy: At the core of DHC’s beauty philosophy is the ancient Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, according to which each one of us is ‘perfectly imperfect’. This idea teaches us that there is beauty in imperfection, and DHC aims to enhance and celebrate these imperfections and what makes each one unique. Now this is a concept we could get used to!
  4. Practicing mindful beauty: DHC focuses on skincare that is free of colourants and fragrances. There are no overpowering scents and additives to take away from the experience of using these innovative and effective skincare products.
  5. Topping the charts: The company has been rated the #1 direct health and beauty brand in Japan for 20 years consecutively! It has also been ranked the #3 e-commerce cosmetic company in Japan!
  6. Flying off the shelves: When it comes to its hero product, the Deep Cleansing Oil, by 2017 DHC was selling one bottle every 10 seconds worldwide! Inspired by Japanese beauty traditions, Deep Cleansing Oil is truly one of a kind. Its organic olive oil-based formulation binds with impurities to gently dissolve dirt, sunscreen, sebum and stubborn makeup, like waterproof mascara and eyeliner. You heard that right, ladies.
  7. Ingredients are key: DHC is obsessed with the quality of its ingredients and continues to source the finest, most innovative ingredients. Just like Japanese culture where the belief is ‘less is more’, when it comes to DHC’s product line the ingredient list is often small but packs a punch. Each ingredient is carefully selected for a specific purpose and each component is essential and of the highest quality possible. 
  8. Awards galore: DHC’s products have a cult following and acclaim from beauty editors across the globe. The Deep Cleansing Oil has garnered awards of repute such as the 2019 Skin Award by Cosmopolitan, the 2019 Anti-aging Award by Harper’s Bazaar, the Best of the Best by Bestproducts.com and the Editor’s Choice Award by Women’s Health.
  9. Value all the way: A differentiating factor at DHC is the fact that it offers high-quality products at affordable, pocket-friendly prices. So, consumers can enjoy the best skincare without breaking the bank! Now that’s music to our ears, isn’t it?

It’s no wonder today DHC is one of the world’s top beauty brands and maintains a massive cult following while it continues to reach new customers every day.

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