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How to bag Skintastic points!

How it works?

When you take home
your skincare stash

1 point follows you home
for every Rupee spent

1 Rupee = 1 point

Every Penny
Point counts!

Swap 1000 points
for Rs.50 during checkout

1000 points = 50 Rupees

How to unlock the Skintastic points!

Check the rewards shop often to discover what's new!

  • Follow the trail to the skintastic page
  • Add your skincare stash in your cart & proceed to checkout
  • Psssstttt: Before your checkout, click on "redeem points" to bag it
  • Start your skin-tastic journey!

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FAQ - Loyalty Page

1. How to earn Skin-tastic points?

  • Earn 500 points by signing up
  • 1 Rupee = 1 point
  • In case of order cancellation or refund, your points earned on that order will be auto- deducted
  • Earn 100 points on every product review

2. How to Redeem Skin-tastic points?

  • Check your points during final checkout & click on "redeem"
  • You can redeem your points once you have collected 1000 points
  • Maximum points that can redeemed in an order is upto 4000
  • On redemption, every 1000 points = 50 Rupees
  • Skin-tastic points are only valid on & cannot be exchanged for cash

3. Do my Skin-tastic points expire? & when?

  • Yes, your points do expire
  • Your unused points expire after 365 days of earning them

4. When will my Skin-tastic points get credited to my account?

  • Your points will get auto-credited into your account after successfully signing up on the website
  • Your points earned for every order will get credited after successful delivery of the order
  • Points earned against product review will be credited after 5 working days
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