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How to bag DHC rewards!

How it works?

When you take home
your skincare stash

1 point follows you home
for every Rupee spent

1 Rupee = 1 point

Every Penny
Point counts!

Swap 1000 points
for Rs.50 during checkout

1000 points = 50 Rupees

Let's get friendly

Earn points by reviewing products

200 points

Sign Up to earn points

1000 points

How to unlock the DHC rewards!

Check the rewards shop often to discover what's new!

  • Follow the trail to the DHC rewards page
  • Add your skincare stash in your cart & proceed to checkout
  • Psssstttt: Before your checkout, click on "redeem points" to bag it
  • Start your DHC rewards journey!

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FAQ - Loyalty Page

1. How to earn DHC rewards?

  • Earn 500 points by signing up
  • 1 Rupee = 1 point
  • In case of order cancellation or refund, your points earned on that order will be auto- deducted
  • Earn 100 points on every product review

2. How to Redeem DHC rewards?

  • Check your points during final checkout & click on "redeem"
  • You can redeem your points once you have collected 1000 points
  • Maximum points that can redeemed in an order is upto 4000
  • On redemption, every 1000 points = 50 Rupees
  • DHC rewards are only valid on thefaceshop.in & cannot be exchanged for cash

3. Do my DHC rewards expire? & when?

  • Yes, your points do expire
  • Your unused points expire after 365 days of earning them

4. When will my DHC rewards get credited to my account?

  • Your points will get auto-credited into your account after successfully signing up on the website
  • Your points earned for every order will get credited after successful delivery of the order
  • Points earned against product review will be credited after 5 working days
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