Tracing DHC’s Spanish Connection

What has Japanese beauty and healthcare brand DHC got to do with Spain, you ask? Well, this connection dates back to the 1970s actually!

DHC’s founder Yoshiaki Yoshida set his sights on Europe in the 70s in search of the best quality of olive oil. Knowing well the skin-nourishing benefits of this golden liquid, he wanted to find a way to harness its power. 

In Spain, more specifically in Baena, a town located in the province of Córdoba, Andalusia, Yoshida met an olive farmer from the Nuñez de Prado family, who had been producing the highest grade of olive oil for more than 200 years! Yoshida combined the time-tested skincare of his homeland with this antioxidant-rich olive oil – long treasured in the Mediterranean for its health benefits – and changed J-Beauty forever. The result: DHC beauty was born, and in 1980, the brand launched its first product, Olive Virgin Oil, which to date is one of its star products and bestsellers globally.

Believe it or not, the relationship that Yoshida forged with the Nuñez de Prado family all those decades ago carries on to this day. The Nuñez de Prado family’s olive-oil mill receives olives from their approximately 1,00,000 olive trees where these are hand-picked to prevent bruising. They are then pulped in ancient stone mills using a traditional pulping method. The family is also well-known for their oil-extraction method which gives flor de aceite (translating to ‘the Flower of the Oil’). This flor de aceite is the small amount of olive juice that is released by itself, through a simple filter before applying the first pressure to the olives. The result is an oil with a fruity and floral aroma. The olive oil is then ultra-purified in DHC’s factories in Japan to reveal the pure, emollient, skin-soothing virgin olive oil that is coveted worldwide for its health and beauty benefits.

Olive oil sourced from this organic farm is the cornerstone of many of DHC’s products, including the worldwide sensation, Deep Cleansing Oil which forms the first step of the double cleanse J-beauty routine.

So there you have it... The next time you’re cleansing your face with DHC’s Deep Cleansing Oil, let it sink in that the high-quality ingredients have travelled a long way to get to that precious bottle you hold in your hands!

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