An introduction to J-Beauty

Only just heard of J-Beauty and want to know more? Well, we’ve got the lowdown for you.

J-Beauty, which stands for Japanese beauty, is interestingly not limited simply to beauty or skincare products. It, in fact, encompasses the gamut of ingredients, rituals developed over the centuries, healthcare regimes, research and technology that goes into products and so much more. 

The Japanese beauty industry is thus a combination of healthcare, skincare, and Japanese cosmetics, where the belief is that prevention is better than cure. For example, in Japan, skin is kept blemish free by focusing on what is consumed, rather than simply trying to conceal these on the skin after they appear. Similarly, green tea is not merely a trending ingredient only found in Japanese skin care products, but it is consumed for its antioxidant benefits as well. 

Here's a peek into the fundamentals of J-Beauty…

Healthy skin over flawless skin: If your skin can’t stand harsh skincare products, you’ll love Japanese skincare. Why’s that, you ask? Because instead of focusing on flawless skin that often requires strong exfoliation and chemical-heavy formulas, J-Beauty believes in achieving soft, nourished and healthy-looking skin using gentle, hydrating products.

Minimal products: J-Beauty also suggests a minimalistic skin care routine and the products involved are simple, nourishing, and pared down to the essentials such as cleansing oils, lightweight lotions and moisturizers. So it’s bye-bye to those 10 or 15 other bottles on your dresser!

Natural ingredients: Japanese skincare brands also focus on using powerhouse ingredients found in nature that are effective and thus, eliminate the need for multiple products. Some of the ingredients used in J-Beauty products include olive oil, matcha, rice extract, seaweed, and cherry blossom extract.

Innovation and technology: Years and years of science and research goes into J-Beauty products. In fact, Japan is a few years ahead of most countries when it comes innovation and technology in the skincare and beauty industry. So you can be rest assured that tons of research has gone into what you’ll be trusting your precious skin with.

The 4-step J-Beauty regimen
No, we’re not kidding! Japanese skincare routine has just 4 easy steps! These include:

  1. Oil Cleanse: An oil-based cleanser is used to gently lift off excessive sebum, make-up, sunscreen, etc. 
  2. Foam Cleanse: Next comes a water-based foaming cleanser to further deep clean and lift off impurities, sweat and residual pollution from the skin.
  3. Liquid lotion: This step is achieved by application of a light lotion gently dabbed onto the face to rehydrate the skin after cleansing. 
  4. Moisturizer: The final step consists of a moisturizer that plumps up the skin, while locking in the hydration.

Have we got you hooked on J-Beauty already? Well, thank us later!

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