8 ways in which J-beauty stands apart

Powerhouse ingredients, traditional rituals, and sustainability – these are the foundations of traditional Japanese skincare and beauty practices. 

Want to know more about what makes J-beauty different from other trends and philosophies from across the world? Well, grab a cuppa and relax, because we’re revealing these Japanese skincare secrets! 

J-beauty focuses on…

…beautiful, healthy skin vs dewy, flawless skin: When it comes to J-beauty, the focus here is on beautiful skin that is healthy from within rather than a ‘dewy look’ or ‘flawless, glassy skin’ that is layered upon to hide its imperfections.

…just 4 simple steps: While Korean beauty routines swear by 10 or more steps, and Indian beauty routines consist of 5-6 steps, Japanese beauty regimens promote only 4 essential steps – double cleanse and double moisturise!

…the essentials: Japanese beauty doesn’t blindly follow global trends; it’s all about the ‘less is more’ philosophy. It’s about understanding what suits your skin and not unnecessarily packing on products that are not needed simply because it is a trend. 

…prevention over cure: While the Western world tends to worry more with correcting skin issues and damage after they have occurred, Japanese beauty focuses on preventing such issues. In fact, they apply the Japanese philosophy ‘Sonae areba urei nashi’ (translating to ‘be prepared and have no worries’) to their skincare as well. It is more about anticipation, be it in the way their skin is cared for, the foods they consume to ensure the body and skin is healthy, and even the culture of cleansing the skin in onsens (natural hot springs) and warm baths at home.

…effective, well-researched products: Move over bubble masks and glitter peels! J-beauty is not about trendy products whatsoever. Comparing this to K-beauty for example, that sees new, trending products hit the shelves every few weeks, J-beauty products are ones that have been developed over many years and focus on high-quality ingredients, simplicity and effectiveness with long-term and lasting results.

…real and natural vs. enhanced and made-up: J-beauty promotes beautiful skin, but nothing artificial – there’s no talk of extra plump lips, fan-like eyelashes, or big, puppy eyes. Japanese women aim to enhance their natural, real beauty that doesn’t look like it’s been Photoshopped or edited in any way.

…natural, gentle ingredients: Japanese skincare focuses on using natural ingredients, and you’ll rarely ever spot harsh chemicals in J-beauty lines (Phew!) Instead, some of the ingredients that are used in J-beauty products include olive oil, rice extract, green matcha tea, and cherry blossom extract.

…simple packaging, fragrance-free products: The Japanese believe in a unique sense of minimalism, the ‘abundance of less’. This kind of pared-back perfection is seen in their homes, their architecture, their food, their everyday beauty regime and even in the simple yet functional packaging of their skin care products. For example, K-beauty products will shout out to you from the aisles in their colourful, playful packaging and smells, whereas J-beauty products on the other hand boast an understated elegance, one that is aesthetically pleasing and never overpowering on the senses.

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